We cannot wait to see what Giambattista Valli prepared for the Paris Fashion Week 2013 edition, so we've rounded out the label's hottest past looks. Have a glimpse!

Elegance is implied when the name Giambattista Valli is mentioned which is why we are so anxious to see what the brand has prepared for Paris Fashion Week 2013. With classiness as a core value, the brand immediately gained appreciation from fashionistas of all ages.

A quick look back at the label's hottest collection will take definitely shed some light on a multitude of reasons why the upcoming Giambattista Valli show is one of the main highlights of the Paris Fashion Week.
Still have some doubts? We'll use the spring 2012 couture collection as exhibit A. Craving something a little more recent as proof? How about the resort 2013 line? Or the fab spring 2013 line? Don't even get us started on the spring 2013 couture collection which seduced us from the very first look. With these fab options as inspiration, is it any wonder we are so eager to see that the label is preparing for this Paris Fashion Week edition for fall 2013.

Giambattista Valli at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Giambattista Valli at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

If the upcoming line is anything like the previous offerings we're definitely in for a treat. The Paris Fashion Week 2013 Giambattista Valli collection is scheduled to be presented on Monday March 4 starting with 1 pm. The event is invitation-based only so we're definitely curious about who will be the guests who will have the honor of seeing the label's hottest looks for the first time.
There quite some time left until the show, which means brand fans or hard core fashionista have plenty of time left to scour the web for the brand's hottest looks up to date. This is best done by visiting the label's official website, www.giambattistavalli.com.

We'll be adding updates as soon as we have them, so be sure to check back for the hottest looks from the Giambattista Valli fall 2013 collection!

Giambattista Valli at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Giambattista Valli at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photos: Giambattista Valli