Sexiness can take multiple forms as it’s not necessarily limited to the well known high heels and trench coat combos. In one of the most revealing ad campaigns yet, the Gestuz brand aims to uncover a different side of sensuality without going for the obvious, ultra colorful pieces designed to instantly draw all eyes on them. Instead, minimalistic lines and simple designs in classy combos are just as effective when you want to impress.

Leather jackets, long dresses, white masculine shirts, acid washed denim or sexy skirts are some of the most tempting styles from the latest ad campaign for the spring summer 2012 months. Reinventing the ‘simple is chic’ style mantra, the brand stays well within the previously set style boundaries, playing with neutral, easy to mix and match hues instead of going for bold tones or unexpected cut-outs. Clever sheer details, textures and attitude are all the elements needed for an intriguing look according to the brand.

As far as the minimalistic look is concerned, most accessories are pretty much unnecessary. Still, very subtle details like a waist-defining belt or an oversized ring are a few choices that can be used to keep things interesting without affecting the overall style of the outfit. Naturally, for the look to be complete, hairstyle and makeup options must follow. Simple hairstyle and a no makeup look tend to work best for this type of outfit as the ad campaign clearly shows.

While it might prove too much to adopt a very similar style approach for the hotter days of the year, the idea that investing in basics can be a wise strategy to stay fashionable all season long is worthwhile and can help you stay stylish without overspending. Making sure that you add a personal touch to such outfits is key to feeling spectacular in simpler outfit styles.

Photo courtesy of Gestuz