The humble and ultra reliable jeans are common yet have a special touch that makes them ultra covetable. Channeling that ‘special something’, denim brands make us want to fill our closets with fun options with every lookbook. Flashy and fashion forward, modern or retro-inspired, jeans can have so many faces yet still manage to become appealing for a variety of preferences. The spring/summer 2012 Genetic Denim lookbook is definitely focused around getting back to basics while still maintaining enough variety to cater to those who look for trendy vibes as well.

Classic touches, old favorite vibes, trendy touches, the spring/summer 2012 lookbook carries all these style elements. Simple combos put a strong emphasis on the jean styles. Getting back to basics can be simple yet ultra effective and the multitude of alluring alternatives presented are a clear proof in this regard. Skinny jeans are contrasted by flared styles, dark washes are highlighted by faded styles in a multitude of tempting and deceivingly simple combos.

Overalls, patched jeans or ripped touches bring back some of the beloved past season trends and make them fabulous all over again. If we are to discuss color palette, we notice a very distinct group of tones designed to bring interest and versatility to the lookbook: coral, teal, lilac tones or soft pinks. Eye-popping, these tones effectively reduce the need for complex style techniques in order to get noticed or to create the desired fun vibe.

A few sheer touches, a bold tone, a vest for a fun layering effect or a pair of shorts that show off your toned legs are the simple pieces for a hot casual look. To really make such outfit look put together, well chosen jewelry pieces are a great alternative. Layered necklaces or metallic bangles are perfect choices as they can immediately bring a new focal point where you want it. Bring a little style diversity into your wardrobe with these fun denim pieces.

Photo courtesy of Genetic Denim

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