Futuristic style adepts cannot wait to see the new Gareth Pugh collection soon to be presented at the Paris Fashion Week. Check out some of the brand's hottest past offerings.

Avant-garde style lovers will definitely keep an eye on Gareth Pugh at Paris Fashion Week. Though there will be many well established designers to highlight pieces that will match the need for practically, those with a soft spot for experimental touches and outside of the box thinking will definitely want to keep an eye on the hottest new season offerings from Gareth Pugh.

Since the launch of the label, the designer has gained numerous high profile supporters even some very unexpected ones like Anna Wintour. There were plenty of designs which managed to steal the spotlight over the years, however we'll use the past year as an example as this is when the name Gareth Pugh was on everyone's lips. The spring 2012 collection presented during Paris Fashion Week was the first one to steal the spotlight through the complex style perspective which emphasized feelings of defensiveness and isolation. Then came the Gareth Pugh x MAC Cosmetics line which was one of the most important highlights at the time as the designer's talent was well translated into fab products.

Gareth Pugh at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Though these represent just a small percentage of the label's amazing creations, they definitely help illustrate the concepts that have contributed to the label's fame. Gareth Pugh at Paris Fashion Week 2013 is scheduled on Wednesday February 27 starting 6 pm. It will be presented at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, 11 rue Berryer, Paris 8e.

The pieces under the Gareth Pugh label are definite conversation starters, especially when the designer leaves aside concerns with wearability for maximum edginess. Highlights from the later category with all their statement making potential can be best seen on the Gareth Pugh Facebook page. If these have stirred your curiosity, be sure to stay close as we'll soon add updates from the Gareth Pugh fall 2013 collection from Paris Fashion Week.

Gareth Pugh at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photo courtesy of Gareth Pugh