The holiday 2012 season is approaching with lightening speed and finding options to meet the style challenges is becoming a more pressing issue. Gap has always focused on comfort and the feeling of effortless chic, which is why we always get to see a myriad of easy to replicate looks that become instantly covetable. Colorful, balanced and youthful, the new looks are in essence a fresh take on the season’s new trends. Styling makes a lot of difference in the overall effect you get and the label explores plenty of fun approaches worth noticing.

Packed with fun tones, the new season wardrobe can rival hot season options in terms of excitement and playfulness without investing too much time in order to get a complex look. Cozy knits, stripes, fabulous jackets along with well chosen colorful key pieces can go a long way in ensuring a spectacular look that optimally combines usefulness and style. No compromises necessary in order to rock this season’s hottest trends.

Gap Holiday 2012 Lookbook Gap Holiday 2012 Lookbook

The lessons in layering are particularly helpful and should be put to good use if you want to sport a similar look. Playing with proportions can be one of the easiest ways to stay warm and create a complex look that will surely get noticed and attract a myriad of positive remarks. Bring your trusted wardrobe staples to the next level with these easy to apply principles and these versatile pieces.

Accessorizing is crucial for adding the final touches that give a boost of chicness to the looks. Load up on fun scarfs, winter hats, comfy ankle boots, fun handbags or thin belts to take your look to the next level in a matter of seconds. Freshen up your mid season looks with these simple yet ultra effective ideas that will challenge your creativity and inspire to make the most of your casual outfits. Have fun mixing and matching freely for maximum impact.

Gap Holiday 2012 Lookbook Gap Holiday 2012 Lookbook Gap Holiday 2012 Lookbook

Photo courtesy of Gap