We often look to fashion to find new ways to shine, even though not always in the literal sense of the word, especially when thinking about casual attire. But a little creativity can go a long way in helping glitz and glam fans bring their desired pieces into their day to day outfits. Want proof? Just take a quick look at the Free People ‘Spring Shine’ lookbook which tackles all kinds of interesting style suggestions for those who prefer to stay away from plain pastels and to sport flashier looks.

Body conscious styles dominate the newest lookbook, which is a clear sign that the project was created with the confident girl who isn’t afraid to try something a little different in mind. From the obvious shine factor well reflected by sequin pieces or even entire looks based on them to the less obvious ways to add interest through studs and other intricate details, the brand proves that standing out is by no means a one-size-fits-all type of concept.

A myriad of gorgeous skirts and dresses were to be expected considering the always intriguing interpretations of the brand concerning the newest trends. The sporty vibes, on the other hand, are somewhat unexpected yet totally captivating. The glam reinterpretation of the baseball jacket is a particular point of interest throughout the collection being one of the unquestionable stars of the new collection. The blend of sophisticated and ultra casual vibes is another aspect which heightens the appeal of the looks significantly.

Looking beyond the flashy vibes put forward by statement pieces like sequined pants, we can spot a variety of less straight-forward methods of bringing interest to our looks without completely changing our deeply ingrained style habits. Bringing a little glam through our accessories becomes the next best thing to do, adding bold sequined pieces to our wardrobe.