Spring cleaning is the perfect occasion to purge clothes that no longer please you and make room for new ones that reflect your personality best. However, Free People proposes a brand new perspective for the concept, aiming to encourage us to ditch dark, gloomy tone in favor of pristine whites for a quick wardrobe refresh and a complete freedom as far as texture is concerned. Featuring supermodel Camille Rowe, the lookbook shot by Anthony Nocella illustrates how pleasant a return to basics can really be.

From wardrobe basics like denim to more feminine pieces like floaty tops or romantic skirts, the white color trend is reflected with complete confidence and a strong focus on highlighting proportions and textures with ease and comfort. Stylish and easy to create are two characteristics that go well with the overall spirit of the season and the lookbook makes the even the simplest outfits look stunning with just by simply placing the right accents purposely.

If the Vietnam photo-shoot for March has provided us with plenty of exciting options focused exclusively on the boho chic allure we have grown to know and love, the accents in the current lookbook are a little more varied. Glam accents are reflected by gorgeous sequins, rock accents are expressed through metallic jewelry and studded boots flat boots, while the carefree allure of the boho chic influence is brought back with a past seasons favorite, gladiator sandals.

The fact that there’s no need to always focus on complex pieces, combos and strict style rules to vary your looks sometimes to a great extent is beyond obvious if we look at the fun combos and the pieces with a strong eclectic hint that make up the newest collection by the brand. Be sure to add creative touches to your wardrobe with classy accents and creative accessories by taking inspiration from the looks of the month presented by the brand.

Photo courtesy of Free People