Delivering spectacular boho chic inspired outfits was never enough for the Free People brand. The label is always striving to make memorable lookbooks that will create excitement and stimulate one’s imagination. For the March catalog, the brand is taking its fans through the enchanting scenery of Vietnam in a lookbook lensed by Joshua Allen and Thomas Northcut. Models Martha Hunt and Michele Ouellet highlight the spirit and the low key allure of the collection.

Reminding us of the incredible appeal the beginning of spring can have while at the same time highlighting the multiple style possibilities that the new season brings, the brand focuses on versatile, feminine pieces for mastering the casual chic look by putting the right accents. Fabulous long dresses, seductive yet innocent looking skirts, beautiful prints and mesmerizing accessories can instantly do the trick as far as trendy looks with minimal efforts are concerned.

Ripped jeans styles and sequins also make their way into the collection providing an unexpected touch of freshness and originality to the look. Geometric vibes are reflected by checkered patterns and stripes which provide a quick focal point and a fabulous contrast both in terms of color and texture. Layering at its finest makes standing out look easy. Fabulous spacious, colorful handbags, bracelets, thick belts, hats or comfy flats are the accessories that complete the looks perfectly.

Despite the fact that the brand isn’t too keen on reflecting the now uber popular color block trend, it features plenty of interesting alternatives for those who want to avoid either the monotony that can come with a monochrome look or the completely opposite effect of complete and undivided attention one can receive when sporting bold toned pieces from head to toe. The result is most of the times a happy medium that is sure to put the focus where it is mostly needed.

Photo courtesy of Free People

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