Did you think that the Zodiac catalog were the only options the Free People brand offers for June? Well, if you did, you were completely wrong as the label hits us with two shots of awesomeness this month. The theme is now quite different and more down to earth. For round two, the label puts the Americana theme in the spotlight blending the symbols with the delightful boho chic approach. The results? Predictably lust-worthy, super relaxed and fairly inspirational.

Simplicity with an unconventional touch is the style perspective successfully highlighted by the brand in a series of super simple and undoubtedly eye-catching outfits. Though the uber feminine allure presented in past lookbooks is left aside a bit, Camile Rowe, who also presented the Spring Cleaning lookbook for the brand, definitely manages to capture that youthful and effortlessly funky allure of the looks. Mixing crochets with Americana touches might seem difficult, but if there’s any brand which can tackle it, it’s definitely Free People.

Denim definitely gets the needed attention as it becomes the basis of some of the most memorable looks of the collection. Faded, ripped denim gets back into the center of attention after being largely ignored lately. Crochet pieces earned a place in the brand’s defining touches long time ago, which is why the abundance of such pieces is far from surprising but always delightful.

Aside from the simple combos which stick to the theme perfectly, it pays to notice that the abundance of fabulous Americana touches actually lies in accessory choices. The oversized bags, the red or red striped converse shoes, the scarfs and even the headbands or sunglasses evoke the theme beautifully. Patriotic vibes have almost never been more fashionable, so taking inspiration from the fabulous looks is more than highly recommended, especially if you dig the brand’s style perspective.

Photo courtesy of Free People