Free People has always a way of capturing the new season spirit with some new collections that target the vibe of these months with full force. If you see fall as the season to reap fabulous fashion options, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the ‘Harvest Moon’ collection which puts a fun spin on casual wear with a variety of gorgeous eclectic looks that will stir up a desire to undergo a fab makeover instantly. Cozy and fashionable is always a desirable combo and the label knows exactly how to make it a reality every single time.

Love prints, sweater dresses or fabulous knits that will keep you warm all season long? Feel free to stock up on all these fab items and look at the label for inspiration on how to make them look hip and complex. Choosing the focal point and layering with versatile pieces for balance and focusing interest exactly where you want it are two simple yet powerful strategies to capture the look. Stocking up on gorgeous seasonal tones will help make your look even more fashion forward.

Whether you like geometric prints or are still looking for ways to incoporate florals into your look, the new lookbook can prove a great source of inspiration if you’re looking for a covetable bohemian flair. Even with the most fabulous new items from the label, neglecting accessories will probably make you miss out on some gorgeous accents that could take your outfit to the next level. Fabulous jewelry is definitely on the list of outfit enhancers you’ll love using over and over to spice up your day to day outfits.

Photo courtesy of Free People