The weather might be getting cold but the new fashion trends are heating things up through the use of sizzling patterns, bold prints and layering effects displayed in most brand collections. Proving once again that when it comes to bohemian style, nobody can top its creativity, Free People, put on full display its December 2012 catalog which brings to our attention an array of fabulously detailed garments that seem to have resulted after a flawless fusion between contemporary-casual and vintage-chic elements.

The outstanding boho-chic designs from the Free People December 2012 come as a breath of fresh air in a season that has been packed with various powerful yet sometimes overwhelming fashion designs, as these outfits have a certain down-to-earth feel that makes them perfect for day wear, without however looking boring or lacking inspiration and uniqueness.

Free People’s love for slouchy designs and lightweight, feel good fabrics is made visible form first glimpse through loose on the body tees, comfy dresses, chic distressed jeans, stylish jackets and peasant bohemian ethnic dresses and cardigans. While some of the designs rely on the beauty of the fabrics and the simplicity of the cuts to conquer the public, others put on display opulent logos, bold prints and fabulous color combos that steal the spotlight, meaning you can choose to play with the elements that you feel most comfortable with. Biker jackets are apparently the seasonal must have as the versatility of this particular item has been made visible through the combos featured: dresses/biker jackets or printed tees-pants-biker jacket ensembles, so go in either direction with your style as either way you’ll ooze hotness.

Accessories play a huge part when it comes to the sophisticated allure of this pastel and achromatic colored collection, as the bling, statement necklaces and heavy bangles upgraded the otherwise streetwear style garments by summoning up a high dose of romanticism that transforms the overall style of the collection, making it diva worthy as the art of layering and that or accessorizing is not easy to master. However, Free People just made this look so easy, so get inspired and let yourself be swept off your feet by the laid back feminine designs unveiled by Free People’s latest catalog!

Photos courtesy of Free People