The new season brings a multitude of covetable alternatives worth indulging in and Forever 21 is right on the hottest fall 2012 trends with the newest ad campaign. The brand knows its customers extremely well which is why the new season highlights one of the best things about the arrival of the new season: diversity. Although the campaign is titled “Fall is Femme”, the label sure knows how to throw the right masculine touches into the mix for a spectacular look every single time.

The youthful approach is often based on the idea that you can get away with anything. Fashion-wise this idea is translated into edgy yet feminine looks, gorgeous hairstyles, interesting proportions or fun textural contrast for maximum freedom style-wise. From a little back-to school vibe with a subtle retro touch to the confident and mature allure and everything in between, the label sure captures the playful yet chic spirit the new season is often associated with.

Plaids, stripes, leather skirts, animal prints, faux fur or metallic accents are just some of the trends the label encourages us to play with in the upcoming rainy days. Keeping things versatile yet still having fun with some of the hottest trends is extremely easy if you adopt some of the style rules put to work in the newest fall campaign. Effortlessly chic is the concept to keep in mind in the upcoming months. The label always knew how to choose its face and Ashley Smith is no exception as she fabulously reflects the label’s spirit in the new photoshoot by Santiago & Mauricio.

It’s definitely important to put the right spin on things with a few well chosen accessories. Fun hats, funky jewelry, studded clutches, sunglasses or colored hosiery are just some of the style suggestions which can help you take things to the next level. Amp up your versatile pieces with a few trendy touches and the new season outfits will definitely prove easier to create without massive efforts. Adapt these ideas to your personality for a confident style statement every time.

Photo courtesy of Forever 21