We might just begin adjusting to the fact that summer’s over, however the fashion industry is always thinking ahead. The holiday days, after all are not that far ahead when you think about it. For the For Love and Lemons brand, the holiday season means taking inspiration from other cultures and translating it into wearable pieces that will make a fun statement. The holiday 2012 lookbook is titled ‘Midnight in Morocco’ and has the talented Zoey Grossman behind the lens.

The glorious seventies are revived again through a fun series of short dresses and other gorgeous pieces worth rocking. Sexiness is always implied when we are talking about the Southern Californian label which isn’t afraid to go for bold cutouts, high splits or bold accessories to help its customers avoid blending in with the crowd. A little rebellion never hurt anyone either and this idea is also cleverly and boldly emphasized throughout the lookbook.

The fabric of choice is velvet for the most part. For an added sense of seductiveness, the label brings sheerness into the mix. Though simple, the pieces definitely manage to create enough interest on their own with little need for extras. The limited color palette is definitely no impediment when it comes to enjoying the fabulous and rather exotic alternatives presented. Both structurally and from a contrast standpoint, these combos are intriguing and fabulous.

You can always change the vibe of an outfit with the right accessory. The go to option for the label? An eye-catching statement necklace that always seems to get the job done. As for footwear options, a pair of black ankle booties can prove a versatile and edgy option worth considering. Plenty of fun, flirty options with a girly twist await for the upcoming months.

Photo courtesy of For Love and Lemons