It’s always exciting to take a glimpse at the future and see what lies ahead of us next. The most important labels are committed to deliver the very best, whether we are talking about clothes or accessories. Fendi has chosen an accessory-heavy campaign which brings together a variety of interesting designs all blending creativity and sophistication with practical modern vibes. Joan Smalls, who recently turned 24 and was named “The New Face of Fashion” by the W magazine is the model which walks us through some of the most interesting alternatives endorsed by the luxury label.

Creating a polished look while still maintaining versatility is often associated with lots of neutrals or plain pieces. Not so for the high-end label, which puts bold alternatives into the spotlight without sacrificing versatility. The campaign does a pretty decent job highlighting the variety of options the new months bring handbag-wise. Handbags are seen as the perfect way to add a focal point to an outfit which is why we see a variety of fun alternatives that bring together an array of concepts.

The emphasis on luxury is obvious. High-quality leather, exotic skin textures and bold tones prove the ideal combo once again. From monochrome options to the multi-colored designs that ultimately prove a strong alternative for those who wish to have an attention grabbing touch for simple outfits, you’ll find all you have dreamt about. Shoes follow a similar style direction with gorgeous shoe styles that create the impression of perfect length and prove a fabulous choice for creating a sophisticated look.

The eyewear choices are with classiness in mind. Whether we are talking about classy eyewear or fun sunglasses, keeping things simple proves to be the best alternative for creating a gorgeous look. Color fans will definitely be pleased to find creative color touches of the new line. In conclusion, fear not, color fans: bold tones make a powerful transition into fall and the options are extremely interesting, not to mention ultra covetable. Invest in powerful game changers to create interesting options that will put you in the center of attention.

Photo courtesy of Fendi