The Fendi fall 2013 campaign brings Cara Delevingne in the spotlight once again. Did you grow tired of seeing her in most major seasonal campaigns from both luxury and high street labels? Yep, neither did we, especially since she always knows how to pose for each of the labels she’s working with. This time, she headed to Rome for the sultry set of images that make up the new Fendi fall 2013 campaign lensed by designer Karl Lagerfeld himself.

Given the fact that the two also collaborated for the Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld shoes campaign, choosing Cara as brand ambassador was a pretty smart move. Back then, she praised the shoes and stated: “The shoes are amazing, and they smell so good. In one of the photos, I’m drinking champagne out of them, so I got to know them pretty well.” With such an enthusiastic response, the new role is hardly a surprise.

Fendi Fall 2013 Campaign With Cara Delevingne

The stunning new ads bring a myriad of drool-worthy pieces that instantly mesmerize. The stunning background, that inspired the name of the campaign “Roman Skyline”, and the playful yet edgy allure the sexy British ‘It’ girl manages to bring into the spotlight make the new Fendi ads for fall 2013 truly memorable:”For our 2013-2014 fall/winter season, we sought to celebrate the love between FENDI and Rome with a very feminine campaign evoking a chic and modern Roman holiday,” the designer stated.

Fendi Fall 2013 Campaign Featuring Cara Delevingne

The latest Fendi ad campaign for fall/winter 2013 shows off a myriad of covetable pieces: sexy dresses, luxurious fur coats, fab accessories like classy chain strap bags, sexy ankle booties or vibrant toned totes. The brilliantly simple styling done by Charlotte Stockdale and the cool high ponytail styled by Sam McKnight brought the new looks close to perfection. Too bad the purple mohawk she sported on the Fendi fall 2013 runway didn’t make the cut, though. It would have really stepped the campaign up a notch, wouldn’t you say so? Well, it’s not like we can complain…the new ads are utterly cool!

Fendi Fall 2013 Campaign

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Photos: Fendi