Fashion nowadays often seems diligently directed to the young crowd. Models past the age of 30 are often considered past their prime, messages about the latest techniques to look young flood the media and seeing elder women in fashion editorials is somewhat of a rarity. However, there are plenty of signs indicating that such attitudes are changing slowly yet surely.

If some choose to stay on the tried and tested route and customize the classics for maximum versatility, others like Sacramento Amate from unapologetically tackle the eccentric side of style, demonstrating a keen awareness when it comes to what’s hot and how to exploit the trends to one’s advantage. An English/Spanish teacher and nutritionist, she focused on taking care of herself and shattering preconceived notions regarding age and style.

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For her, style is an ever evolving journey and shying away from experimenting with bold trends and pieces is a needless restriction. The sense of what is eccentric versus what is one step too far and has the possibility of turning into a faux pas is beautifully developed. From choosing eclectic accessories to mixing prints, customizing your items with a bit of DIY, going for a statement outfit with a variety of bold tones are by no means out of the question after ‘a certain age’ in her book.

Making an effort to look great is by no means something that stops after a predetermined age. Fashion is a reflection of one’s personality and daring to proudly show off your individual quirks is a sign of personal strength that gets respected in all areas of life, so why should something as creative and open to interpretation as fashion be subjected to a set of preconceived notions? What do you think?

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