The Golden Era of ‘Fashion Blogging’ Is Over. This is the title of a thought provoking new article written by fashion critic Robin Givhan for The Cut which examines the changes fashion bloggers imposed on the industry as a whole, from challenging the traditional way of presenting information to setting new rules that forever changed the way fashion is perceived and consumed though the power of social media.

If up until a decade ago, taking shots of a runway presentation was something very few fashion editors dared to do due to the unspoken rules that made unauthorized photography a taboo and kept access to shows extremely limited, by mid-2000s, the old rule was turned on its head by fashion bloggers who managed to become a relevant voice in the industry by offering a compelling new perspective and a distinct point of view on fashion that didn’t exist in traditional media outlets and which attracted tens or even hundreds of thousands of like minded followers.

Susie Bubble And Tommy Ton At 2014 Fashion Week

Soon enough, the fashion coverage became much more democratic and the fashion industry became more accepting of fashion bloggers, who began to be spotted more and more often in the front rows and even inspired designers’ creations – a notable example being a Marc Jacobs handbag named after Bryanboy back in 2008. Such successes, the editor argues, are becoming harder to replicate as more and more fashion enthusiasts are starting to create their own blogs and the voices begin to become more uniform, losing the edge they once had.

Another thing that indicates a decline in fashion bloggers’ influence is the increasing number of collaboration and sponsored posts which negatively impacts bloggers’ credibility, the author argues, citing Scott Schuman who stated that: “We’re getting to a tipping point. People are starting to push back. They want to be able to believe what [bloggers] are saying.”

Blogger Anna Dello Russo Front Row

Are fashion bloggers beginning to lose their relevance?While many of the authors’ observations are spot on, it’s hard to believe today’s fashion bloggers won’t find new ways to reinvent themselves in the process and find new means to cater to their audience’s needs.

What do you think?

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