Eva Mendes is without any doubt one of the most beautiful actresses in the business. This is one good reason for numerous famous brands to choose her as their international ambassador. Her latest collaboration is the one with Reebok for the label’s EasyTone apparel spring/summer 2011 collection. The gorgeous 36-year-old actress will join other seven inspirational women around the world becoming a part of the Reetoners.

Reebok and the Reetoners is a new concept used for the EasyTone spring/summer 2011 campaign bringing a certain tribute to every woman who despite the hectic lifestyle finds enough time to take care of herself and work out. And Reebok seems to be the perfect solution in this sense. Speaking about her new project and about EasyTone, Eva Mendes says:

“I feel better when I’m in good shape, and that’s what I like about Reebok EasyTone – it gives me a little extra as I go about my daily activities.”

She also added: “Between long days on the set and travel, it’s not always possible to get a full workout in, so I have to make the time I have count, and that’s why I love going for hikes and walking my dog in my EasyTone shoes. It’s even better since EasyTone apparel flatters my curves and the EasyTone shoes look great – they have a sleek, slim look, just like regular sneakers. As an actress, being fit is important, and EasyTone is my great secret!”

Eva Mendes for Reebok EasyTone Apparel Spring/Summer 2011

Eva Mendes will sport not just the EasyTone apparel, but also Reebok’s latest footwear collection, the EasyTone Reenew. Uli Becker, president of Reebok International says that Eva is the perfect choice for the brand.

“Eva Mendes fits perfectly with Reebok and EasyTone – she’s fun, inspirational, committed to fitness and a style icon to women around the world. EasyTone is about helping women get a better body with every move, and it’s clear Eva’s been pretty active because she looks great.”

After EasyTone footwear, Reebok brings the first toning apparel collection, featuring stylish tops and bottoms designed in order to help tone key muscles as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The EasyTone Apparel uses a new technology through ResisTone™ bands which have a special design creating resistance with every move. These bands are made from a flexible, yet extremely resistant material. They are placed on the apparel according to anatomical research and therefore fitting closely against the body.

The EasyTone collection includes pants, capris, shorts, but also long bra styles and short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts. The lower body apparel is designed so that it tones the hamstring, quadriceps and butt muscles with every step, while the upper body items tone key upper body muscles and promote greater postural alignment.