The new season is set to bring a series of interesting options and a variety of exciting style perspectives worth indulging in. From popular retailers to high end label, originality and a strong focus on delivering the very best looks to serve as inspiration are a common goal. For the rainy days of the year, Etro is preparing a variety of eclectic touches with an elegant outlook. Style experiments with an edgy dramatic vibe are the main focus of the newest campaign.

Stepping away from the overused animal and floral prints, the label bets on paisley prints for bringing an eclectic touch to the looks and creating a sense of originality. The new season, albeit more subtle color wise, doesn’t necessarily entail a complete compromise on all things bright. Well picked focal points are some of the most interesting touches one can bring into the new season without feeling like you’re overdoing it. Models Iselin Steiro, Magda Laguinge and Laura Love alongside male models Miles McMillan and Ton Heukels highlight the brand’s perspective bringing a variety of interesting touches not only fashion wise but also in terms of beauty.

Dramatic makeup touches inevitably attract attention without necessarily feeling forced or overdone. Dramatic lips is a particular ‘it’ trend worth indulging in. In addition, fabulous loose curls or simple center part hairstyles manage to create that subtly polished vibe without looking like it was tried too hard. Whether you have a soft spot on vibrant tones or fun prints, the label provides plenty of interesting options when it comes to mixing and matching things up. With eye-catching yet relatively subdued accessories such as practical handbags, colorful long leather gloves or silhouette enhancing belts, giving off the impression of complexity without too much effort becomes a very doable goal.

Photo courtesy of Etro