The resort 2014 fashion choices are getting defined slowly but surely. The new Etro resort 2014 collection might be small, yet the new choices included in the new collection definitely manage to bring a spectacular set of alternatives which manage to make us look forward to the upcoming months. For its latest collection, Etro opted for a spectacular new set of choices with a contemporary urban flair. The new season options bring a relaxed flair which perfectly highlights the concept of effortless elegance which the new looks are defined by.

The new Etro resort 2014 collection shows the label’s love for spectacular prints once again. The bright printed blazers are the star of the new line. A spectacular set of “fluid ikat paisleys encounter micro geometric designs,” designer Veronica Etro told and the description couldn’t be more accurate. The preference for oversized blazers proves that the focus on fab proportions and outfits with a distinguishable masculine flair will continue in the not so distant future.

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Though the new line is practically defined by eclectic prints, the Etro resort 2014 collection is defined by simplicity as far as the new season combos are concerned. Simplicity is the thing that brings the covetable edgy flair to the new season looks. The new choices can be easily mixed and matched for both casual and formal looks. Colorful yet classy, the new season options instantly steal the spotlight.

Despite the fact that the new season Etro resort 2014 collection is built around similar options, the accessories included in the new line are definitely worth mentioning. The label opts for comfort as far as footwear is concerned showing the same preference for high impact tones. To highlight the inclination towards geometry, fab statement earrings are chosen to complete the look. Since resort offerings are all about relaxation, the bags lack the utilitarian flair, being kept simple and relatively subdued or eliminated altogether. Clutches are seen as the best style for complementing the new season looks from the Italian luxury label.

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Photos: WWD