An easily detectable and ultra fabulous retro vibe can be sensed the minute we take a closer look at the Eskell spring summer 2012 lookbook. A pleasant sense of relaxation and a desire to embrace the effortless chic vibe of the casual outfits presented in the lookbook quickly follow as they quietly enter in the atmosphere depicted. Femininity and casual vibes proved a winning combo once again as the outfits manage to look put together yet so comfy.

If we are to invest in an iconic feminine piece for the hot days to come, the go to choice would definitely be a mid length casual dress. Opting for black and white hues might seem like a counter-intuitive move in the season that is well known for its colorful funky vibe, yet the versatility of such options is enough to conquer practical fashionistas in a heart beat. Similarly apparent basic pieces can go a long way into ensuring you look spectacular without trying too hard.

Bold, edgy prints might have their place in your summer wardrobe, yet if you wish to take a break from busy patterns, the latest Eskell lookbook provides a series of equally interesting alternatives for you to try. Forget complicated, time-consuming layering techniques and choose an attention grabbing dress instead for a quick style update that won’t leave you worrying about inflexible style choices. Classiness is always a must have, even if you are going for informal attire and the choices endorsed by the brand sure highlight this important to remember attribute.

Since we are talking about effortlessly chic vibes, contrasts through patterns and colors are the easiest path to accomplishing this goal. Accessories are kept fairly functional in the latest lookbook by the brand but the suede summer boots still rank as an unexpected yet ultra stylish choice to consider. Comfy yet aspiring to the statement piece status, the boots strike as the perfect compromise for an amazing practical look.

Photo courtesy of Eskell