Ermanno Scervino at Milan Fashion Week might make a wave, so we’ll definitely keep an eye on the new collection from the label. What makes us think that we might be in for a treat this time? The fact that we’ve seen plenty of fabulous options worth analyzing in the past. There are many examples which make us feel like the new options are worth our complete attention.

Though ready-to-wear alternatives were definitely covetable, we fell in love with the handbags offered by the brand instead. The spring 2012 handbag collection conquered us through the classiness of the designs, the 2013 handbag collection from Ermanno Scervino managed to impress thus through the fab blend of abstract vibes and summer-inspired motifs instead. We’re definitely looking forward to the fall 2013 show as we hope will be seeing options that are at least as fabulous as the options we’ve mentioned before.

Ermanno Scervino at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Ermanno Scervino at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013

To find out whether Ermanno Scervino at Milan Fashion Week fall 2013 will meet expectations we’ll have to wait until Saturday, February 23 starting with 11:30 when the collection will finally be unveiled for the public during Milan Fashion Week 2013 at Garden of Palazzo Serbelloni Via Melegari, 3. It’s hard to know just yet what the label will be chose as a source of inspiration for the collection or whether the show will benefit from the attention of strong celebrity style icons.

Are you familiar with the label’s work up to the present moment? If not, you might want to have a look at the official Ermano Scervino website,, in order to get a better idea of whether the label can prove a worthwhile source of inspiration for your style needs and determine whether the upcoming fall 2013 looks are something you might consider adopting in your new season looks. Tune in for the latest updates!

Ermanno Scervino at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Ermanno Scervino at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photos via Ermanno Scervino Facebook