As the pre-fall 2013 fashion choices start unraveling, we begin to see the general style direction contouring and we see that more and more designers view pre-fall 2013 collections as opportunities to explore things they wouldn’t normally include in their main collection. Such seems to have been the case for Erdem Moralioglu which told he wanted: “to play with techniques that I wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to explore in the main collection. And I like the idea of looking at something I haven’t explored before, like tailored dresses or frock coats.” A fairly different approach compared to the resort 2013 collection.

This intent was definitely well materialized into the new line which seemed an explosion of femininity and sophistication compared to the rather reserved alternatives that have set the mood for the season so far. If many high end labels allowed prints to take a backseat for the most part, Erdem made them the spotlight of the new collection. Floral print lovers don’t fear: there are plenty of romance-filled ensembles worth drawing inspiration from and sporting proudly during the late months of summer in 2013.

Despite being perceived as girly and a bit romantic at first glance, these new outfit suggestions are incredibly dramatic and manage to leave a profound impression. The secret of this interesting allure is actually deceivingly simple: the clearly contoured and saturated colors are the elements needed for creating such outstanding impact. Tempted to try a head to toe print-infused look but fear the result will be less than stellar? The label beautifully shows a multitude of ways in which it can be done.

Since the bold, colorful prints do most of the work as far as the visual impact is concerned, the need for accessories to complete the looks is vastly reduced. Still, printed platforms are a fabulous touch that perfectly completes the artistic vision of the designer or adds a bit of contrast at times. All in all, there are plenty of stunning alternatives worth exploring in the newest Erdem collection.

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