Season after season, we’re extremely thrilled to see what the four most important fashion weeks bring in terms of trends. So, we hardly wait to find out what the upcoming fall 2013 fashion will look like. With London Fashion Week already in sight, we are more than eager to discover what some of world’s most renowned designers have prepared for us. And Erdem at London Fashion Week is definitely one of them.

“A clever person who probably cares little about seasons. She has a lot of conviction and marches to her own drum,” Erdem Moralioglu says about the ideal client. Color, optimism and oddities are the brand’s main signatures, while the designer’s purpose is to make a woman look beautiful creating unique items that don’t necessarily follow trends as such. On his trademark piece, Erdem reveals that “hopefully pieces that are special and individual.”

The Canadian-born designer, who won numerous prestigious awards throughout his career, admitted he doesn’t focus on what’s sexy but he rather thinks of silhouettes and proportions. “I see each collection as a new chapter in the same book of her life,” Erdem says. “It’s a narrative, but she’s still the same core girl: colorful, sweet, elegant and hopefully effortless.”

Erdem at London Fashion Week Fall 2013 Erdem at London Fashion Week Fall 2013

The Erdem London Fashion Week collection for spring 2011 was a real statement of sweetness and romance featuring dainty lace, crochet and flowers. Femininity and sophistication seem to be key words when it comes to Moralioglu’s gorgeous creations. The designer’s fall collections make no exception to his sartorial approach that includes maximum delicacy and chicness. Otherworldly, isn’t it?

Well, from another planet was also Erdem’s spring 2013 collection. “I was thinking about a woman from another planet coming down to earth,” said Moralioglu after the show. The designer loves to experiment and this can easily be seen in his collections. Speaking about his pre-fall 2013 line, Moralioglu said that, “It’s my laboratory. It’s where I can experiment, and think about where my woman’s going next.”

Now, we highly wait to see what Erdem will bring for fall 2013. He will be showcasing his latest collection on February 18 at London Fashion Week. Make sure you come back for updates!

Erdem at London Fashion Week Fall 2013 Erdem at London Fashion Week Fall 2013 Erdem at London Fashion Week Fall 2013 Erdem at London Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photos via Erdem