We’re definitely seeing a shift in perspectives for the new year and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the creative minds put on the table. If the past years have been infused with florals and conspicuous animal prints, the new season seems to tackle subtlety and playing with proportions instead of vibrant tones. The Emporio Armani label is certainly leading the way towards more elegant ensembles with a discreet yet powerful appeal.

The label catered to a mature audience without neglecting the young potential customers. The label put classiness in the first place and made a gradual transition from the classy tried and true combos to the more modern vibes and daring cuts to sport in the not so distant future. Clearly defined proportions are once again emphasized perfectly and flowy pieces are highlighted even better by this very intentional approach. Color touches and textural contrasts perfect the fabulous perspective of the label.

Subtle sheen, pastels, metallics, a little well placed asymmetry, gorgeous color combos or a hint of geometry are just some of the ways in which we can shine in the spring of 2013. Betting on texture and proportions to create interest is definitely an intriguing concept. Sexiness is implied rather than being shown off ostentatiously. The result? A thought provoking one, for sure.

Before you find yourself looking for the boldest and brightest tones, give subtle yet interesting tones a try. Along with practical and versatile accessories or a bold shiny metallic vibe, the combo can be your style statemnt for the season. Keeping things classy yet spectacular is easy with such a multitude of exciting options to draw inspiration from.

Photo courtesy of style.com