The latest Emilio Pucci resort 2014 collection brings a variety of sporty options inspired by surf. This time, designer Peter Dundas thought about girls on the go who love a bit of edginess mixed with glam accents. The label didn’t focus on laid back options we typically associate with lazy days spent on the beach. The inspiration was not very literal though the theme’s optimistic spirit could definitely be sensed. With a myriad of bold tones, the new season options are made to attract attention and become conversation pieces instantly.

Given the many possibilities abstract prints provide and the multitude of spectacular perspectives we saw so far, it’s easy to understand why such motifs will be a spectacular choice for the new season. The new Emilio Pucci resort 2014 collection makes kaleidoscopic prints the star of the show, prints which are featured on most of the new season options. If you’d rather not spend time to learn to mix and match prints like a pro, the new options from the luxury label can definitely act a quick cheat-sheet.

Emilio Pucci Resort 2014 Look 1Emilio Pucci Resort 2014 Look 2

While the label brings plenty of feminine ensembles into the spotlight, it doesn’t focus specifically on them, bringing a multitude of options for the new season. Once one understands the premise the designer used for its latest creations, “Everything should be able to fit into a weekend bag. No checked luggage,” the multitude of cropped pieces included in the new collection start to make a lot more sense. Striped tank tops, fun skirts, neoprene cropped tops and sandals, cute ruffly short dresses, colorful shorts are just some of the items that impressed in the new Emilio Pucci resort 2014 collection.

Emilio Pucci Resort 2014 Look 3Emilio Pucci Resort 2014 Look 4Emilio Pucci Resort 2014 Look 5Emilio Pucci Resort 2014 Look 6

When the designer didn’t focus on bringing spectacular prints in the spotlight, he compensated with color blocking to ensure its new pieces attract attention instantly. Taking a look at the cute baby doll dresses, the smart jackets and ensembles as a whole, it becomes clear that sexy, fun and modern are the vibes that best define the new Emilio Pucci resort 2014 collection. Aside from the gorgeous clothing pieces, an array of fab accessories awaits.

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Photos: WWD