If the high end collection by the Olsen sisters, The Row, showed a clear preference for pristine white tones, the more affordable sister brand, known for its contemporary designs aims to satisfy our desires for contrasting tones that make us stand out from the crowd.

Playing with color, prints and proportions, the brand offers exciting outfit alternatives that can leave you wanting more. Eye-popping floral prints, airy pieces and a determination to test the waters by indulging in seemingly risky style combos immediately stand out, even at a superficial analysis.

Stripes and prints are definitely seen as must-haves in the new season, grabbing attention instantly. No need to tone down a bold outfit in order to master the most popular fashion trends this season. Masking a statement has never been easier and the intuitiveness with which the outfits are created definitely proves this point.

Ultra wide leg pants, colorful shorts, tuxedo inspired outfits with a striking feminine touch and the comfortable yet oh so stylish flatforms are the main attention grabbers of the collection. A subtle bohemian flair combined with a well set tailoring approach make the outfits instantly memorable and intriguing.

Although printed pieces grab the most attention, the elegant monochrome outfits are no less interesting. With a gorgeous color palette that includes fuchsia, soft pink, mustard, bleu ciel or pristine white, the wow factor is guaranteed. Laid back yet classy, with occasional tasteful sheer details, the collection definitely hits the contemporary note intended.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth & James