Elie Tahari has enlisted the help of supermodel Alyssa Miller for its spring 2012 campaign. Unlike the Elie Tahari Spring 2012 RTW collection at New York Fashion Week runway presentation, where the designer took inspiration from the ancient Egypt and showed a strong preference for fairly subdued tones that reflected classiness, for the spring 2012 campaign, the brand has chosen to maintain a classy, feminine vibe yet with a much more daring color palette that fits the most important fashion trends to perfection.

A strong emphasis on perfect fit, bold mixed prints and vivid tones are the main choices endorsed by the high end label for the season. Femininity and confidence are the attributes that should be reflected in the months to come and with the alluring alternatives presented it’s easy to understand why the emphasis on these attributes has taken such an important place. Dresses are an essential staple for the season, whether we are talking about monochrome ones or chic, on-trend printed ones.

Mixing prints is not typically an option that is taken into account when trying to look sharp and elegant, however, the ad campaign proves that such piece can be an incredibly alluring choice. With animal prints and two bold tones combined all at once, the label shows us that taking a few fashion risks once in a while can pay off greatly and can help us stand out from the crowd and turn heads instantly. Simpler options are also featured for those who would rather play it safe.

In the area of accessories, the same preoccupation with refinement and sophistication is maintained. As a result, the choices revolve around oversized envelope bags or high heel sandals that help emphasize the outfits without becoming strong focal points. Keeping an adequate balance between textural and chromatic highlights is a well known style rule that proves its usefulness every single time with spectacular results.

Photo courtesy of Elie Tahari

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