Masculine touches and a subtle preference for androginous looks? Not at the New York Fashion Week, where femininity is given several interesting and completely covetable interpretrations that can work for various style preferences. The Elie Tahari brand is certainly subscribing to this style tendency and the looks are definitely worth analizing a little deeper.

Cultural references are starting to become more apparent as the New York Fashion Week is slowly coming to an end. After the Van Gogh inspiration in the Rodarte Spring 2012 show, we are able to spot other similarly interesting sources of creative insights at Elie Tahary: cool Ancient Egypt vibes that translate into elegant yet wearable outfits with a lot of style potential when done right.

Elegant and sophisticated, the looks have a surprising modern vibe that makes the collection appear very versatile and stylish. Delicate silhouettes, simple yet clever combos with just the right amount of details in order to impress without being over the top. The preference for golden tones with metallic accents is a fabulous example of how eye-catching statement pieces can be easily adopted in order to create a balanced look.

Taking a look at the must-have pieces for the new season, harem pants, high split mid length skirts, sheer details and golden or linen jackets come to mind. Minimalism touches are always welcomed and the brand's interpretations clearly prove that minimalism does not necessary have to mean understated and much less boring. Embrace your girlishness in the new season with class and sophistication taking a few notes from the looks presented.

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