Everyone’s favorite red carpet designer has done it again: he wowed the audience with beautifully created, simple, classy and ultra alluring dresses to feast the eyes on. With an array of ultra refined gowns and frocks, Elie Saab consolidated his reputation and proved his boundless creative resources are still going strong. As usual, floor length dresses, the epitome of elegance in the designer’s vision dominated the runway.

Designers seem to have an unmatched love for floral motifs, yet the interpretation varies wildly. The preference for textural touches allows more subtle yet more creative interpretations and the latest creations by the designer certainly support this type of view. Contrasting, equally or sparingly distributed, these details were undoubtedly the ones that added the necessary complexity that made the designs not only desirable and memorable but also utterly gorgeous.

The designs ranged from refined and sultry to show stopping and ultra classy. If deep V necklines and sheer touches showed a youthful approach of seduction in the modern days, the long sleeve evening dresses proved to be equally provocative yet in a more mature approach. The high emphasis on the waist was another strong style tendency observed. Tiny crystals were a universally flattering style choice for many of the styles presented.

As usual, monochrome styles were the norm at the couture show with fabulous orange, mint green, pale yellow, baby blue, soft pink or white being the most important choices. Perhaps the surprise element of the collection was the inclusion of high volume princess gowns that managed to steal the spotlight and that somewhat broke the norm with three fabulous tones combined for a striking effect.

Photos via WWD