With each newly launched collection, our expectations for the upcoming months virtually skyrocket. There are so many interesting,wearable options laying ahead of us, that we’re simply ecstatic to see more and more. Placed under the ‘Never Dissapointing’ file long time ago, the Elie Saab label is always raising waves of excitement with each new line. The resort 2013 collection strengthens our beliefs even further bringing a multitude of sophisticated yet ultra wearable alternatives that cannot go unnoticed.

From elegant day ensembles all the way to breath-taking evening gowns, the designer’s mastery when it comes to creating wearable pieces which never fail to amaze with their timeless elegance is extremely obvious. Whether we are talking about gorgeous, body fitting mid-length dresses, business suits or fashionable touches, the collection skillfully includes all of it and more. From all the exciting color touches placed strategically for well defined focal points to the delightfully flattering proportions, the looks exude refinement and sophistication.

Peplums, sheer touches, lace and of course, tiny crystals are all elements which transform ordinary structures and designs into extraordinary pieces that deserve to be proudly displayed on as many occasions as possible. Classy yet fabulous, always breathtaking without being overly flashy are the style desires that are beautifully met throughout the collection. With all the right accessories for completing a look without overpowering it, the choices become simply intuitive and beyond covetable.

It almost seems futile to state that the variety of sophisticated evening looks is simply to die for. With fabulous crystals, intricate lace details, high splits for an extra dose of sexiness or amazing textural contrasts, it comes as no surprise that we cannot help but be completely hypnotized by the amazing display of elegance and luxury that beautifully unravels before our eyes, challenging us to broaden our expectations. What more can a girl wish for?

Photos via style.com