The name Elie Saab is synonymous with sublime elegance and perfection as the Lebanese fashion designer never ceases to amaze with his impeccable designs. Femininity at its finest is displayed in each and every one of his collections and the designer’s pre-fall 2012 collection is proof that innovation is ever-present at Elie Saab.

The designer aims to bring wearable fashion designs that underline femininity to the fashion scene, designs that are infused with a timeless elegance that makes heads turn and his love for fashion and incredible amount of talent enables him to reach his goal every time. The pre-fall 2012 season started at Elie Saab with soft and elegant daywear ensembles and slowly progressed to glitzy-glam evening gowns that display the unmatchable craftsmanship of the Elie Saab atelier.

Perfectly tailored coats paired with classic trousers, contemporary deux-pieces, masculine-inspired suits, an innovative oversized cape and lovely cocktail dresses which display soft lines that flow elegantly and accentuate the gorgeous forms of a woman’s silhouette stand as the perfect daywear garments to consider taking advantage of in the new season if you’re all about underlining your impeccable taste in fashion.

Because evening gowns are a specialty of the label, the designer couldn’t have denied its audience the delight of admiring his signature sequin gowns that can turn any woman into a true diva and a style icon. The impeccable craftsmanship gives the gowns a deluxe allure that cannot be overlooked, making them a perfect choice for those who wish to steal the spotlight with elegance at any formal event. Floor-length gowns that are made to impress will dare you not to fall in love with them, so browse through the gorgeously sequined lace detailed dresses and pick the designs that match your personality best.

The color palette used in the creation process suits the theme of the collection, so timeless classic hues dominate and underline the classy style of the collection. Nudes, ivory, black, teal, light blue and red are the hues that help enhance the beauty of all the designs, so browse through the complete collection and choose your favorite looks!

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