The amount of creativity designers prove every season never ceases to amaze us as their ideas seem limitless. Every season new ideas push the boundaries and spark new trends, making fashion a delight, so no wonder that the beginning of the haute couture fall 2012 season captured a massive amount of attention. One of the labels that proved its worth through ultra feminine, gorgeously crafted, high quality designs is Elie Saab and its haute couture fall 2012 collection proves once again that the designer hasn’t lost his touch. It seems that Mr. Saab has found the perfect recipe to success and he’s following his belief with dedication, brining to the fashion scene amazing garments that earned him international fame.

Putting on display the high craftsmanship skills of his atelier, Elie Saab, created a feast for the eyes of those present at the presentation held in Paris on the 4th of July. Not all designers manage to reach the standards required to enter the haute couture world, but Elie Saab with his attention to detail, high quality, exquisitely hand-embellished fabrics sewn to perfection earned a well deserved spot as a go-to couturier.

Despite the fact every season the brand’s fans feel like there’s nothing hotter the designer can come up with in the future, the designer proves that he can infuse sexiness and class in an innovative manner every time and for the fall 2012 haute couture collection, Elie Saab choose to display his skills in a heavenly all dress collection. Having been apparently inspired by the Byzantine Empire, the goddess-like dresses made jaws drop from beginning to end.

The brand’s haute couture collection made its debut with a daring yet sexy and elegant embroidered black tulle embellished with glistening sequins and featuring a simple clear tulle cleavage that dropped to expose the bellybutton. The designs kept a high dose of elegance to the end of the show, despite the fact the designer switches-up the cuts as well as the silhouettes, going from floor-length to midi cuts that accentuated subtly a woman’s curves to princess-like gowns that flared from the waist down to underline high-end elegance.

Elie Saab is known for his intricately hand-embellished dresses, so no wonder that they dominated the fashion scene. Chantilly lace, silk jacquards, silk crepe were the dominant deluxe fabrics that helped give life to the wonderful designs, while the sequin application incolors that matched the pigmentation of the fabric offered a spectacular visual effect that screamed elegance, power and seductiveness.

For the couture show, the designer opted for a soft color palette, ranging from timeless elegant black to soft pink, peachy-pink, blue, teal and nude, so browse through the wonderful display of silhouettes and colors and pick your dream dress designs as they are all fabulous.

Photos courtesy of Elie Saab Facebook