Boy-oh-boy do we love, love, love Elie Saab designs as it seems that the guru of women’s fashion can turn everything he touches into a masterpiece. Proof of this is the new Elie by Elie Saab spring 2013 bridal collection put on display at, a collection that gives glamor and elegance a whole new meaning through exquisite lines and interesting patterns that range from vintage classics to modern princess.

The designer manages to capture the essence of femininity seemingly effortlessly through the use of innovative craftsmanship, high quality fabric and hand-sewn embellishments, details that are paired with the most flattering and elegant designs, so no wonder that the Elie Saab name has become synonymous with ultimate glamor. Choosing a wedding gown that will make you feel like you’re living your fairytale story is a must and this is exactly what the Elie by Elie Saab spring 2013 wedding gown collection can do.

The collection puts on display a wide range of dresses that aim to turn you into a total icon on your wedding day. Each and every one of the designs has a high dose of refinement infused, so you can be sure that all the attention will be directed to you. Made to suit women with various body types and styles, the collection makes sure that brides to be have a more than pleasant time choosing The Dress.

Floral applications, lace insertions and glitzy-glamor details that stay far away from opulence but still pack a punch make the delice of the upcoming season Elie by Elie Saab bridal collection. The dreamy collection unveils classic and contemporary designs, draping or puffed-up dresses, embellished lace sleeves dresses, neckline cut lace top dresses and plunging decolletage gowns, so you can become the bride that you’ve always dreamed of. Resisting temptation will be quite difficult, so be aware of this before you browse through all of the exquisite wedding gown designs signed by the renowned fashion label Elie by Elie Saab for spring 2013.

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