The Elie Saab pre-fall 2014 collection revolves around stunning elegant ensembles for both day and night. If the Elie Saab spring 2014 couture collection brought ‘a promise of spring’, the new line has a more timeless appeal, being a celebration of contemporary elegance. The new line starts off with gorgeous ensembles organized into groups by color, and gradually progresses to include red-carpet worthy evening gowns that instantly fascinate.

The focus on femininity remains as strong as ever in the new line, however, instead of intricate embellishments, the label focuses on bringing feminine ensembles that impress through their elegant shapes and the understated timeless vibe. The Lebanese designer seems to favor simple, streamlined silhouettes and juggles with proportions for a stunning effect. In addition to gorgeous dresses that can make any fashionista fall in love, the new line also includes gorgeous capes, luxurious fur coats or lovely jumpsuits with a sophisticated allure.

Elie Saab Pre Fall 2014 Look (1)

The Elie Saab pre-fall 2014 collection revolves around a well defined color palette consisting of stunning emerald, royal blue, coral and soft pink shades in addition to the black and white tones which carry an elegant refined allure. For the most part, the label sticks with monochrome ensembles with matching accessories, however, the pre-fall 2014 Elie Saab line also includes a few stunning examples of how color blocking can be used for a stunning effect even when it comes to elegant attire.

If the daywear part of the new Elie Saab 2014 collection focuses on simplicity, in the eveningwear section we manage to see the label’s skillful beadwork and feminine lace accents which made the label one of the most highly acclaimed luxury retailers when it came to red carpet events. Still, whether the designer opts for simplicity or for intricate details that make everyone want to take a closer look, the effect is always amazing.

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Photos: Elie Saab