Dsquared2 at Milan Fashion Week is a show you don’t want to miss! The designer dou will be sending their fall 2013 collection down the runway at Milan Fashion Week. Dean and Dan Caten are definitely fashion’s most popular twins. The two never cease to surprise their devotees with new, spectacular goodies. They have fun with fashion and the result is obvious! Besides, they are renowned for their attention-grabbing shows!

Okay, so the fantastic duo always have something prepared to amaze the audience. And we’re pretty sure that this year’s show will be more than impressive. Whether it’s geek chic or edgy rock, Dsquared2 is a constant provider of all-things-uber-cool! For their spring 2011 collection, the Dean and Dan brought a wide range of preppy-inspired pieces spiced up by details that added a sexy and flirty touch to the outfits. There were jeweled floral skirts, minidresses, blazers, and shorts worn with socks, oxfords, and oversized glasses. Pretty fab, isn’t it?

Dsquared2 at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Dsquared2 at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013

The Dsquared2 fall 2011 collection had as theme the ‘cool cold mountain’. And boy oh boy, those combos were more than cool! So, imagine distressed leather jackets, fur coats, dresses, jeans, work gloves, wide-brimmed hats, studded belts, and ice skater metallic platform boots. Well, new season, new theme! Oh, but when it comes to Dsquared2 this is not unexpected! For the spring 2012 collection, the Heineken Jammin’ Festival and Glastonbury inspired Dean and Dan’s designs, while their fall 2012 line was just like a ball of for the 2013 class graduation. Now, for the spring 2013 collection the Caten brothers revealed the tough Dsquared2 girl with leather jackets, daring hot pants, mini skirts and dresses, tees, police hats embellished with beads, colored stones, boots, laces, and chains. However, the Dsquared2 pre-fall 2013 collection is completely different and brings ’40s-inspired ladylike silhouettes.

Dean and Dan will be showcasing the Dsquared2 fall 2013 collection at Milan Fashion Week on February 21. Don’t forget to check back for details and updates!

Update! Check out the new Dsquared fall 2013 collection!

Dsquared2 at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Dsquared2 at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photo courtesy of Dsquared2