Elegance with a highly modern vibe is the defining perspective for the Donna Karan resort 2013 collection. A high emphasis on structure, a new perspective on femininity and lots of delightful and completely covetable options make the newest collection stand out. Sophistication, texture and proportions are all delightfully highlighted in the looks which although seem fairly simple are definitely extraordinarily eye-catching.

Gorgeous dresses unquestionably dominate the fabulous looks presented. Pleats, abstract vibes and strategically placed asymmetric touches merged for a polished overall effect. Monochromatic options are among the classiest ones, so it was to be expected that most looks fall in this category. Staying away from mostly overused florals or animal prints, the designer dazzles with the sophisticated alternatives used. From styling to layering, moderation proved the best approach for the line.

The gorgeous asymmetric vibes, the dramatic and varied necklines and the bold yet super classy touches are undoubtedly the main focal points of the looks. Each detail is carefully highlighted and the wide array of body conscious dresses is more than enlightening. Rhinestones are carefully blended in fabulous alternatives making the transition towards gorgeous evening-wear, which follow most of the same well set principles that make the looks stand out.

For the evening wear part of the collection, the body con styles are some of the most exciting options available. Creative cut-outs and a multimedia are the only details necessary for complete refinement. The mermaid style of dress is the main style suggestion of the luxury label in this area and there are plenty of seductive touches to ensure you’ll be able to steal the spotlight every single time. Ingest a little elegance in the new season looks with these fabulous suggestions.

Photos by Seth Sabal