Elegance, refinement and versatility are great ideals worth aspiring to, however, creating fabulous casual outfits that will highlight your personality can be super fun and rewarding as the style rules tend to be more relaxed and creativity and comfort become the main focuses. If the spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection focused on alluring, versatile pieces which were strongly oriented towards femininity, for the Casual Luxe spring 2012 collection the focus is on more masculine elements.

Military influences might have taken a back seat in recent months, however the amazing allure they can provide posed as an amazing source of inspiration for Donna Karan which brings simplicity and classy combos presented in a new light. Uber versatile combos don’t necessarily have to fall in the ordinary, predictable route and a few asymmetric touches along with a creative blend of textures can add interest to the looks created.

The emphasis on femininity is sensed through the multitude of dress styles endorsed. While the majority of designers focused strongly on body fitting styles, the newest collection offers exciting options for those who prefer going for comfy and slightly more forgiving styles as well. The structure of the pieces, which has a certain distinctive fluidity, can also prove extremely appealing for those who are on the look for creative outfits. The asymmetric touches mixed with more fitted pieces ensure the look is perceived as trendy and purposeful.

Accessorizing has a crucial role in making the outfits intriguing and covetable. The theme of the collection greatly influences the choice of accessories. The gladiator sandals and belts have perhaps the strongest military vibe, however the statement necklaces and cuffs with their simple, raw shapes and finishes have an equally defining role in emphasizing the theme. With simple yet powerful accessories and no compromise in comfort, the looks are intriguing and very wearable.

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