The sources of inspiration for the next season’s most memorable designs are adequately revealed in the recent campaigns by the most relevant names in the industry. The options are fairly well diversified: we have military inspired elegance from Salvatore Ferragamo, classiness from Gucci or ultra seductive designs from Calvin Klein Jeans. For the new season however, Dolce & Gabbana is focused on bringing a new creative spin on the gypsy style by infusing classiness and luxury into a variety of feminine designs.

Modern touches and well selected focal points aim to shift our perspective as far as what the style can offer. Rather than going for boho influences like one might expect, the label is aiming to highlight the many ways in which the iconic motifs can be translated into ultra wearable alternatives that can make us stand out. You can’t go wrong with black. This is the idea that is vividly highlighted in almost all the campaign photos.

Femininity continues to be an extremely important highlight of the new season and the label is keen on keeping the trend going. In this sense, the label is bringing a variety of simple yet sophisticated designs which have a very distinguishable vibe yet are still extremely wearable. The styles are not loose and flashy as one might expect. In fact, the body conscious dresses are the ones that dominate the scene. Elegance is passed down from generation to generation if we are to believe the new campaign by the renowned brand.

The idea that fashion can and should be a celebration is beautifully portrayed in the photoshoot. Centered around the idea of family gatherings and celebrations, the label brings a fun style perspective worth embracing and the new options are definitely alluring. Brand fans will definitely appreciate the statement value added by the fun golden touches which instantly turn heads as well as the concern with sophisticated vibes and elements.

Photo courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana