The new season is all about fun-packed elements that exude style and uniqueness and one of the brands that infused these must have characteristics in its resort 2013 collection is Diesel Black Gold. Sophia Kokosalaki, the brand’s creative director, chose to draw inspiration predominantly from the 80s fashion trends, as that period marked the evolution of clashing styles packing a heavy dose of creativity.

The artistic approach to street-wear styles brought by the numerous fashion designs featured in Diesel Black Gold resort 2013 collection makes the collection a perfect choice for women that loved the golden era and that want to adopt a head-turning style that is not lacking femininity nor comfort. The resort fashion scene is the one that lasts the longest on the shelves thus it needs to feature elements that are chic and exciting, plus feature a breezy feel and Diesel Black Gold has not omitted these elements from its pre-spring 2013 collection. Stylish leggings, skinny jeans, sporty-classic trousers and gorgeous high top trainers remind us best of the signature styles that caused a stir back in the eighties.

Although the retro spectrum of trainers and leggings catch the eye immediately there is also a high dose of contemporary chicness attached to each and every design, artistic elements that leave each outfit looking flawlessly constructed and with perfectly matched accessories, combo that reminds us of the importance well structured garments have into fashion.

Despite the fact that most fashion designers chose a different path towards fashion-forward styles this resort 2013 season, Sophia Kokosalaki maintained the relaxed, vacation-feel vibe that comes as a breath of fresh air after the predominantly classic trends of the fall/winter 2012 season. The stylish combinations made by the designer capture the eye from beginning to end, as silk blouses paired with stylish shorts and cool trenches, cool motorcycle jackets paired with skinny fit trousers and blouses as well as the gorgeously tailored printed or monochrome colored dresses, couldn’t have passed unobserved.

Mixing elegant details with casual, sporty feel fashion items is definitely not an easy task despite the fact the designer made the process look effortless. The stylish pairing and layering has been underlined through the use of color, so prepare to be enchanted by gorgeous patchwork prints and soft animal prints, in addition to monochrome hues that live-up the collection, colors including green, red, pale yellow and royal blue, so check out the fab display of fashion-forward styles in the complete Diesel Black Gold Resort 2013 collection.

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