The first Diesel campaign created under the guidance of creative director, Nicola Formichetti, signaled a fresh start for the brand. The #DieselTribute campaign, which debuted recently, brings a myriad of edgy pieces into the spotlight. The Diesel Tribute collection consists of 45 cool pieces reworked from the label’s 35 year archive. According to the new creative director, the capsule collection was meant to honor the label’s heritage and bring a new set of innovative options.

There are many reasons why the new #DieselTribute campaign manages to instantly stand out, beyond the amazing alternatives with an unmistakable badass allure. For one, the models. Tattooed models aren’t exactly common or widely used, not even by brands looking to capitalize on edgy clothing pieces, which is why the the new ads feel like a breath of fresh air compared to others which don’t seem to change much throughout the seasons.

Diesel Tribute Ad Campaign

Another cool thing about the new campaign is the way it was made. You see, the new ads were made for social media, targeting specifically the online community. Though many brands find it hard to sell to Millennials, it seems like Diesel won’t have any difficulties finding ways to capture this generation’s attention anytime soon.

 Diesel Tribute Campaign Shoot

The new artistic director even took time to explain the intent of the new line and campaign: “It’s denim, leather, and army — the three most important parts of Diesel’s DNA. The clothes are very handmade. They’re one-offs and very special. And, with this campaign…we’re going to piss off so many people, because we’re saying that anyone can do this. We shot images just for Instagram, just for Tumblr, and just for YouTube. It was basically, specifically for the online community. It’s crazy — you see one of the greatest photographers in the world holding an iPhone and shooting a model. It was really surreal,” he stated.

 Diesel Tribute

What’s more, the new Diesel Tribute line is already available for purchase. For the upcoming Diesel line, which will be presented in March next year, the designer is said to prepare something equally cool. Of course, not too many details were disclosed, however, the intent is apparently to “break the rules in fashion”. That’s how innovation is born, right?

Diesel Tribute AdsDiesel Tribute Campaign 2013Diesel Tribute Campaign Picture

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Photos: Diesel