Be sure to check out the Diane von Furstenberg pre-fall 2013 collection if you love subtle modern feminine vibes. It may be a fab source of insight for the new season.

Gone are the days when conspicuous feminine vibes were the best strategy to get noticed and be perceived as spectacularly beautiful. This season, the dominant position is a subtler, modern feminine allure. The Diane von Furstenberg pre-fall 2013 collection surely elaborated on the idea with a myriad of styles that aim towards the androgynous allure. Modern vibes were beautifully emphasized in a multitude of simple yet powerful elements which served as powerful focal points.

The strict focus on perfectly defined proportions, geometric vibes and abstract prints dominates in the collections of the most important brands in the industry and Diane von Furstenberg surely joins this year's trendsetters with fabulous interpretations that don't belong solely on the runway as it is the case with some of the over the top creations of brands for which statement wear is a key concept. Dresses are still the main staple that wins the title of the new season must-have in the designer's eyes.

Lace still makes its way into the collection despite fairly strict style perspectives which aimed to bring a bit of masculinity to the looks. Pleats are another subtle detail that gets thrown into the mix for a subtle touch which makes the girly allure a bit more powerful. The clean feminine looks are only enriched with the spectacular accessories which help define the new looks and bring them a bit of complexity which doesn't overpower the main piece nor changes the allure significantly.

Accessories still have an original vibe and the golden lips symbol we saw on some handbags for resort 2013 is still emphasized. Accessories are the one place where the brand gets playful and the creative shapes are one clear proof of the ingenuity that transcends the otherwise serious and classy allure the new looks carry. The result is seriously cool as fans of the brand and passionate fashionistas can easily attest it. Embrace a modern lady-like allure the right way with these fabulous outfits as a starting point for insight.

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