Though it might seem like the hot season has barely began, the days fly by and the transitional days will knock on our doors sooner than we imagine. Being prepared when the time comes is great, however evaluating our options ahead of time is even better, especially if we are talking about elegant yet super wearable choices like the ones included in the Derek Lam pre-fall 2012 collection. Feminine, versatile and sophisticated, the looks will definitely make you look forward to the upcoming months.

The ultra feminine perspective of the summer season is still very much present, yet much more toned down. The fabrics are naturally changing as well, taking into account the temperature changes one must adapt to. Small touches of edginess make the conservative options presented so much more interesting. Leather skirts are a fabulous example of a piece that can be part of a multitude of sophisticated ensembles while at the same time bringing an edgy flair.

Fur trimmings, tailored blazers, low waist pants along with floor sweeping dresses are just some of the pieces the brand endorses to ensure we stay glamorous at all times. Perfect tailoring, discreet patterns and a hint of refinement can immediately create that gorgeous vibe that makes even the most versatile option look spectacular. A healthy blend of masculine and feminine vibes ensures a much desired balance bringing a new level of appeal to the looks.

Since refinement is the main goal here, the role of accessories is simply completing a look rather than becoming strong focal points. Golden loafers or sexy high heeled platform pumps bring both a fun touch and a creative alternative that ends up being just the right element to make the looks incredibly desirable. Strive for elegance and sophistication in between season with these completely dazzling alternatives.

Photo courtesy of Derek Lam