Back in 2010, an exciting brand collaboration made the headlines and created excitement among fashion enthusiasts. A few months later, the collaboration between the Derek Lam brand and eBay was revealed at the presentation during the Mercedez Benz Fashion week. At the event, 16 beautiful different types of dresses were presented. However, out of all the dresses presented, only 5 were chosen to be mass produced.

The styles that will be marketed starting with early May were chosen by fashionistas which had the opportunity to vote for their favorite pieces. After counting the votes, the response was “very successful” according to the company spokesperson. The best 5 pieces from the Derek Lam + eBay capsule collection that will be sold two months from now are displayed.

The public’s choices have revealed a strong preference for classy and versatile dresses that reflect the spring season’s main fashion trends. Floral prints were dominant in the preferences of the consumers. As a result, a boho halter dress and a very similar chemise dress will be available for sale.

The timeless elegance that the black color manages to provide every single time was also a deciding factor for the collection. The “Black Tie” evening dress and a simple Shift dress will be available for those who are interested in more formal attire choices.

Demonstrating once again that denim pieces have become an indispensable wardrobe staple for modern women, the denim sundress also gathered a significant number of votes.

The dresses, which will have sizes ranging from 0 to 16, are reasonably priced to be affordable for various types of customers. These gorgeous dresses can be purchased for prices ranging from $175 and $295. For additional details about the collection you can visit official Derek Lam website where you will find a subsection dedicated to this collection.

Photo courtesy of Derek Lam + eBay