Daria Werbowy stars in the latest H&M Holiday 2012 campaign looking gorgeous as always wrapped up in cozy knits and faux fur! With temperatures dropping, it is time for you to start rocking some of those stylish cold-weather goodies you added to your wardrobes. Well, if you still haven’t found the perfect pieces, check out the Swedish retailer’s offerings and choose your favs!

The beautiful Canadian model sports some pretty cool goods from H&M’s line managing to flaunt an impeccable look. There are sweaters and cardigans, leggings, and accessories to keep you both warm and stylish all season long. Daria confessed in an interview that modeling wasn’t meant to be a full-time job. Still, throughout time, everything she did was quite spectacular. And H&M’s campaign makes no exception. “I was never this fashion person but I wanted to go to art school, and you need money to go to college” she said.

Werbowy also admitted that, “I’ve always wanted to break the stereotype of being a model. What happens in our industry is that we lose touch with reality because we are constantly creating these fantastical creatures. I remember once thinking that I was finding it hard to connect to the general public – to the person sitting opposite me on the subway – and that felt pretty screwed up. It’s not every 21-year-old who is flying around the world on private planes, going to dinners in Moscow and then getting back on the plane to go to a party in Los Angeles. It’s not normal. So it’s hard to balance that stuff out and not just get lost in this bubble,” the 29-year-old Canadian model explained.

Therefore, if you’re hunting for the most voguish, cozy and trendy items to hit the slopes this winter, have a nosey at the latest H&M holiday 2012 collection and get ready to have fun in style!

Photos courtesy of H&M