Soon all the attention will be focused on getting the right style essentials for winter and ultimately Christmas. The Cubus Christmas 2012 ad campaign aims to prepare you for the holiday by showing a few gorgeous options that will leave you looking spectacular and still carrying an effortless chic allure. A fun take on the new season trends is even more noticeable if you keep things simple and the brand has done exactly that in its newest ads.

The collar trend, whether it’s in the form of a fun necklace or a bedazzled one that adds a unique touch to your look, it’s beautifully interpreted in the newest campaign and the added interest it brings beautifully rounds out the look. A few tribal motifs are great options if you are a lover of all things printed and need a break from conventional alternatives that steal the spotlight most times. But even when opting for monochrome pieces, you’ll still have plenty of fun mixing and matching options worth exploring.

But even after taking care of the essentials, you might still find your comfiest pieces need an update. Fortunately, the label has an answer for these concerns as well and combines the cozy with the flirty and comfy for delivering the ultimate goodies to ace the cold weather with style and increased comfort. Rediscover simple combos and invest in fabulous pieces you’ll love wearing every single time with these fun alternatives.

Photo courtesy of Cubus