Adding a few fun vibes into your outfits without compromising versatility is definitely a desirable attribute but putting this idea into practice can prove a little challenging. This is why we are so excited about the Creatures of the Wind spring/summer collection which manages to bring eclectic vibes without losing the classy allure in the process. Femininity can have multiple definitions and the retro vibes and modern perspectives noticed throughout the collection can definitely become a great alternative for the times a little diversity is needed.

High waist skirts, cropped tops, psychedelic prints, asymmetric vibes, lots and lots of pleats, florals or checkered patterns immediately become the main points of interest. The combos are kept fairly simple and intuitive yet this doesn’t automatically imply they are subdued or ordinary. In fact, quite a lot of boldness can be spotted in the combos presented whether we are talking about prints being paired with vibrant tones, the proportions created or simply the allure of the pieces.

The clash between different influences is definitely noteworthy as it gives the looks a whole new perspective. With a blend of intriguing pieces and extremely classy ones, the visual interest is definitely enhanced. An interesting trend that was left into oblivion lately is the ankle socks trend. This style choice is revived and proves one more interesting choice for the collection, bringing more exciting contrast. Still, the statement value of the pieces is beautifully highlighted despite the apparent focus on classiness and versatility.

If we are to talk about must-haves, there are plenty of pieces worth mentioning. From gorgeous skirts to bold toned tops, there are definitely a multitude of options worth taking into account even if you are not a fan of the combos presented. The versatility of the pieces really speaks for itself. Dare to leave your comfort zone once in a while to be able to reach new style heights and avoid any style ruts that might make you feel dissatisfied with your options.

Photo courtesy of Creatures of the Wind