Club Monaco offers a fun lesson in simplicity and style with a fabulous lookbook for November 2012. The label was always a big believer in easy common sense combos which radiate refinement and the new looks definitely don’t stray from the well defined concept. A well defined color palette is a great start in terms of versatility and neutrals are always a great option when you’re concerned about mixing and matching at will in most circumstances.

If you’re trying to stock up on basics and had little success so far, you might want to pay a close attention to the options offered in the newest lookbook. From blazers to long coats, the label brings covetable alternatives worth indulging in with each look presented. Though the versatile aspect of things easily transpires in the newest looks, trendy elements can also be seen in the newest lookbook for the shopper who looks to spice up his new season outfits with a fresh touch.

Printed pieces are perhaps the most noticeable trendy items included, but the ankle socks look is one simpler idea which can be easily adopted without major investments. If you’re still looking for the central trendy piece of the season, however, a leather skirt will definitely fit the bill. Faux fur is definitely another interesting addition if you like such accents. Last but not least, practical accessories such as scarfs or handbags can be the perfect way of completing an outfit without adding too much bulk to your look or setting a different tone.

Photo courtesy of Club Monaco