Between all the color blocking trends and bold outfits available, simple, light tones might seem like a weaker appealing option. Not so for Club Monaco which constantly finds exciting alternatives with lighter tones and constantly brings a touch of novelty through simple details that in the end seem to make all the difference. A strong focus on white tones is perhaps the defining look of the May 2012 catalog. With a series of fabulous choices that highlight a great focus on adpoting versatile trends, the looks manage to dazzle and impress once again.

Dresses and shorts continue to be must-haves of the new season, but, unlike the April 2012 lookbook, the emphasis on structure with a refined touch is much more noticeable and while the functionality factor remains virtually unchanged. Though color contrasts and accessories play a huge role in defining the looks, texture and proportions are still the most important concepts in the brand’s loobook. Bohemian flares can be sensed in the choice of loose pants or long skirts that exude that ‘romantic spring’ allure.

Flattering pieces that easily rank among uber flattering wardrobe basics are being better represented in the latest catalog. Adorable leather jackets and white blazers add structure in a matter of seconds and manage to add a refined allure to the spring outfits envisioned. While there’s still a hard to miss casual vibes, the looks are seen as much more sophisticated. Still, as much as one might like proper styled outfits, sometimes throwing caution in the wind and opting for unexpected textural touches and details can be a much more fun option. Either way, the brand has us covered.

In terms of accessorizing, a good sense of balance proves the absolute best alternative. The handbags are practical, super classy and far from being overly conspicuous, footwear is focused around comfort with a few fashionable details while the role of simple jewelry pieces is more accentuated. Scarfs and straw hats can add a fun yet sophisticated vibe and a sense of eclecticism and creativity for defining some of the looks.

Photo courtesy of Club Monaco

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