Fashion designers have been shedding light over their newest collections starting this summer to enable true fashionistas plenty of time to gather the trendiest new season fashion essentials to complete their wardrobe. Now it’s Club Monaco’s turn to mesmerize its fans with its late fall 2012 style propositions as the oh-so-fabulous garments have the potential to instantly sweep you off your feet.

Wearability and comfort have been two details that seem to have been uber-important for the brand this fall 2012 season as the whole collection exudes this combo, making it a magnet for attention. Style and comfort can definitely make great partners as Club Monaco proves through its fall 2012 lookbook, thus you won’t have to settle for one or the other when it comes to finding the perfect daytime style outfit.

Starting this October, the brand will display on the shelves more sophisticated looking outfits that cover most of the fall season’s fashion trends. A little bit of baroque mixed with a little bit of masculinity, heavy knits, brocade patterns, classic pieces as well as some modern cuts can definitely provide all the variety that everyone’s yearning for this fall, so dare to bring out the inner fashionista in you and mix various pieces to achieve a totally unique look that falls well within the trendsetter zone.

As you browse through the collection you might realize that the collection is full of trendy pieces that you’d love to try, fashion pieces that seem to juxtapose modernism with vintage details, creating an eye catching style that instantly makes heads turn. With high quality seaming, perfectly cut lines and flattering shapes, the collection takes you on an exquisite journey through the magical land of fashion, teaching you step by step that mixing various textures and styles can have an unexpected, positive result. The brand’s unique manner of pairing flirty dresses with cute hats, blazers, heavy knits with mini skirts, cool vintage coats with stylish classic trousers or skinny fit pants helped push the brand’s name to international recognition, so no wonder that this is a brand that every fashionista likes and wishes to own at least one piece signed by the label.

Layering is essential if you take a peek at Club Monaco’s late fall 2012 lookbook, not only to maximize the comfort level during the cold season, but to underline a sophisticated style, as pulling off a layered look isn’t exactly a ‘piece of cake’. The brand displays an effortless style as each piece is made to compliment the other, meaning you’ll have a wide range of products to select from and mash-up to help create a look that is all about you without having to browse through other brands to achieve the uptown girl style that you love. Get ready to have a blast browsing through the collection and pick your new season favorites as soon as they hit the shelves as these style essentials will surely sell like hotcakes!

Photos courtesy of Club Monaco